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PolyVersa Pioneering Sustainability
Revolutionize Pavements, Roofs,
and Roads with PolyVersa's
Innovative Polymer Solutions.

Powerful Features for

PolyVersa Solution’s polymer improver offers a range of outstanding features that set it apart and make it a game-changer in enhancing asphalt and various surfaces.

Extended Lifespan and Reduced Maintenance

This feature offers long-lasting durability to asphalt and other surfaces, lowering the frequency of maintenance and repair. This not only saves costs but also ensures infrastructure longevity.

Environmental Sustainability

The product's ability to enable recyclable asphalt and reduce waste makes it a significant contributor to environmental sustainability. It addresses both economic and ecological concerns in road construction and maintenance.

Improved Resilience and Temperature Resistance

Enhancing the resilience of surfaces and their ability to withstand varying temperatures is crucial for infrastructure integrity. PolyVersa Solution's polymer improver offers these attributes, promoting reliability under diverse environmental conditions.

Innovative Solutions: Revolutionizing the Industry

PolyVersa Solution’s polymer improver is a cutting-edge solution for surface enhancement, with the potential to revolutionize industries related to road maintenance, construction, and more.

Meet Our Exceptional Team

At PolyVersa Solution, we understand that the cornerstone of innovation and progress is the people behind it. Our team is comprised of visionary leaders, accomplished experts, and dedicated professionals who bring a wealth of experience in business development, research and development, marketing, and more.

Mohammad Akhgari

Mohammad Akhgari

Mahmoud Jalili

Mahmoud Jalili

Roozbeh Roghani

Roozbeh Roghani


Our collective skills and industry-specific knowledge form the backbone of our operations

We work collaboratively, ensuring that every facet of our business, from research and development to client service, operates seamlessly. Our passion for sustainable infrastructure and eco-friendly solutions drives us forward, making them instrumental in achieving our mission of promoting durable, environmentally responsible asphalt and surface solutions for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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Our Mission in Canada

The Company’s mission is to become the preferred provider of advanced polymer improvers for professionals, businesses, and government bodies engaged in road construction and maintenance in Canada and internationally, as well as to be recognized as an environmentally friendly company that significantly contributes to sustainability of road construction.

Our Road Map

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Revolutionize Pavements, Roofs,  and Roads with PolyVersa’s Innovative Polymer Solutions.



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